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On March 16, Qatar Airways, an airline owned by the State of Qatar, an oil-rich dictatorship in the Persian Gulf, begins daily service from Boston’s Logan Airport to Doha, Qatar. Every week approximately 29 migrant workers will die — total deaths are estimated to be 4,000 — building the 2022 FIFA World Cup soccer facilities in Doha because of deplorable working conditions. Thousands more will suffer other horrifying abuses as workers across business sectors have no protections, and can be legally held in indentured servitude.


The expansion of the State of Qatar’s commercial enterprises, including state-owned Qatar Airways, reflects the smoke and mirror tactics used by the Qatari government to hide the inhumane treatment of its most vulnerable workers. The de facto marketing arm of the state, Qatar Airways, is expanding rapidly across the globe and touts itself as “luxurious” and “world-class,” while at the same time masking egregious human rights abuses being committed within the country.


The Alliance for Workers Against Repression Everywhere (AWARE), a nonprofit organization working to bring international attention to policies and business tactics that harm workers’ rights, calls on Bostonians and all Americans who consider traveling on Qatar Airways to ask themselves: “Do I want to do business with a company and a nation that oppresses human rights?” AWARE will be leading an international campaign using the hashtag, #boycottQatar, as Qatar Airways launches this new service.

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